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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers of Boyd Motor Werks

Excellent and fast service. I will continue to use Boyd Motor Werks for maintenance on my BMW. Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this business to a friend.

Bobby Wochnick

I have been very satisfied with the amount of service Boyd provides. I recently purchased an extended warranty plan for my BMW. During a routine oil change, Boyd informed me my 05 545i was leaking antifreeze. I did not know this as I did not have a drip of antifreeze on the ground where I park my car. I was concerned my repairs would not be covered. Boyd worked directly with my extended warranty company to make sure my repairs were covered. The warrant company did not contact me at all as Boyd handled everything for me. Thanks guys!

Clay Dunn

We can’t thank you enough for the cordial, efficient service we recently received. To experience a break down while traveling can be most disconcerting. To discover you on the web, and then to have you take care of the repair immediately removed the sense of anxiety that can arise at such times. Our only regret is that we don’t live locally so we can continue to avail ourselves of your excellent service and work! We are most happy to have stumbled upon your shop and highly recommend you to all – travelers and locals alike. Thanks again! Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this business to a friend.

Bacharach. Deb

It is HARD to find a mechanic to trust with all of them to choose from when you buy a “new” used car. But when I bought my first used BMW, someone mentioned Boyd Motor Werks and I decided to give them a shot. I had them do a complete inspection and they gave me the lowdown on what needed to be repaired. They are upfront and their prices are reasonable. A friend of a friend of mine (who is also a mechanic) checked out their repair and set they did a great job, didn’t cut corners. This made me feel even better about my decision. And my ’99 740IL BMW is still running great! See you for my next oil service, guys! Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this business to a friend.


Excellent resource for E30 repair and service. Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this business to a friend


I’ve been taking my 740i in for years, and have always had good service, friendly interactions, quality service, and reasonable prices! Add that it is a very convenient location for me, and I don’t think I’ll ever go anywhere else! Keep up the good work!

Jim D

When I first bought my used 1999 BMW 740IL, I really needed a repair shop I could trust. As most people know, these can be expensive beasts to maintain. Somebody I bumped into referred me to them and I gave them a shot… and I’m glad I did! After the initial shock of doing some neglected maintenance on my new/old car that cost me a small fortune, the car has been running smooth ever since. After spreading out some of the needed repairs over a year-long period, I was finally able to perform a standard oil change on my last visit and nothing else. I love my car and love these guys. If you want the best for your car at a fair price, go with Boyd!

Greg J

Appointment for Schedule Oil Change was made; arrived early and automobile was moved into service bay for service. Waiting time for service was shorter than Kuni BMW and price was lower. WiFi was available within waiting area. Waiting area provided basic ammenities (this is not ‘Kuni’ and your’re not paying for that). Was pleased with service provided; have recommended others to use.

Alvin U

Boyd Motor Werks did an oil change on my 2001 740IL and I was beyond impressed with them. When I went to pick my car up, they gave me a full report on my brake condition, tire condition, cooling system and more. I highly recommend Boyd Motor Werks for you BMW needs and repairs.

Boobby W

The people at Boyd Motor Werks are great and very knowledgeable. I love to visit with them how getting work done on my BMW. They are very knowledgeable.

Jerry G

When my 1983 BMW broke down in Portland these guys went out of their way to get me back on the road and back home. They even stayed after the shop closed to meet me and the tow truck, and evaluated the situation. The next morning they looked through everything and determined it to be the fuel pump, once they knew what the problem was they got the parts REALLY fast, installed them and got me home ASAP. Plus they did not even charge me labor for all of the hours that they spent trying to pin point the issue. The whole time they explained everything to me in great detail, and fixed some other unrelated minor things along the way. Awesome mechanic, would definitely take my car there again!

Linda Z

I brought in an older BMW I had just purchased. Gary and his son were great communicators, helped me prioritize the work needed and were clear on the time it would take. They also gave me an accurate estimate of the cost. I could tell they were passionate about the cars and their work. I especially appreciated Gary’s willingness to talk about the car’s issues in depth and give me advice on how to maintain it. I’ll be back.

Matthew C

The staff at Boyd’s Motor Werks kept me informed and involved in every step of the process. They never made decisions without first consulting me, and gave me honest information about what was going on. They worked as efficiently as possible, and did an excellent job. They worked within my budget, and did so with a professional demeanor. I will definitely return, even if its just for an oil change or installation of an upgrade.

Michael L

Gary is a very personable and professional craftsman. He and his associates did a great job for the price that they quoted me and they did it in a timely manner. I will take my car back to Boyd Motor Werks for all future repairs and would recommend them highly to anyone that was looking for a good/fair mechanic.

Mike P

Boyd has serviced my car now for about three years and not only have they treated my car very well, but they also are a great couple of guys to hang out with. Gary and Eric both take time to explain the “why’s” and the “how’s” in addition to the “how much” of what it’s going to take to service my car. Gary sometimes even goes farther, explaining exactly the difference between the service I get with them, vs the service I’d get somewhere else, like the dealer. Their willingness to explain in great detail what’s being done to my car and why it costs what it costs does the one thing that keeps me coming back: it allows me to trust them. If you’re looking for a place to service you fine auto….(so long as it’s a BMW), this is the place.

Perry G

Gary and Eric do a fantastic job and communicate extremely well. Easy to get a hold of and very helpful to get you in for service on your BMW.

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